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Internal Rotary Inspection System Calibration Tube

Internal Rotary Inspection System Calibration Tube

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Internal Rotary Inspection System Calibration Tube NDE FLAW-IRIS CALIBRATION TUBE-38

Eddy Current Tube Standards. Ready to request a quote for a standard? Here's what we need... What is the material? (Alloy, OD and Wall) Is NDE supplying the material or will it be customer supplied? What defects are needed and what size? (most depths are given in % of tube wall) Is there a specification the standard needs to comply with? (ASME, etc.) If you have a drawing, or even a simple hand sketch, please send that along as well. We specialize in custom eddy current tubes, and have years of experience in machining a huge range of defects. From TWHs and FBHs, OD and ID grooves, milled flats, and OD and ID thinning bands, to ID FBHs, ID contoured flats, 120°/180° wearscars, tapered flaws, and tube-to-tube wear,





Heat Exchangers

Nonferromagnetic material Stainless steel, Cu/Ali


– ECT is the recommended choice for its speed and accuracy.- IRIS can sometimes be used to confirm the sizing of ID defects.

Mildly ferromagnetic material Duplex steel, SS439, Secure, Monel


– ECT is used only for thin tubes (<1.6 mm) with saturation probes.- For thicker walls, it is better to use RFT or MFL.- IRIS can sometimes be used to confirm the sizing of defects.

Ferromagnetic material Carbon steel, nickel. Typical defects are pitting and corrosion.


– RFT, MFL, and IRIS are good, and most of the time complementary.

Air Coolers

Carbon steel tube with aluminum fins Typical defects are ID pitting and OD wear close to the water box.


– RFT is not effective because the fins disturb the remote field.- MFL is quick and sensitive but does not allow sizing.- IRIS is often used to back up MFL but has difficulty with OD flaws.


Carbon steel tube Typical defects are pitting, wear, and cracking at the tube sheet.


– RFT is good for wear detection and can easily pass the bend.- MFL is good only on straight boiler tubes without swages.- IRIS is good for wear and pits but has no sensitivity in the bend.


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