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Eddy Current Testing Standard Calibration Tube

Eddy Current Testing Standard Calibration Tube

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Eddy Current Testing Standard Calibration Tube   

Our experience in dealing with all simulated flaws from EDMs notches to thinning and expansions puts us in a unique position to recommend procedures and implement standards that increase your probability of detection during inspection of plants worldwide. Large lists of tubing as per ASME standards are available. Also, we can develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you need tube supports, uncommon flaws or specialized packaging for the standards, NDE can support.

We specialize in custom eddy current tubes,

1. Eddy Current Tube Standards. Ready to request a quote for a standard?

2. What is the material? (Alloy, OD, and Wall)

3. Is there any specification, the standard needs to comply with? (ASME, etc.)

And have years of experience in machining a huge range of defects. From TWHs and FBHs, OD and ID grooves, milled flats, and OD and ID thinning bands, to ID FBHs, RBHs, ID contoured flats; 120°/180° wear scars, tapered flaws, and tube-to-tube wear


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