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A4 Calibration Test Block (0.5" Inch Version) TITANIUM

A4 Calibration Test Block (0.5" Inch Version) TITANIUM

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A4 Calibration Test Block (0.5" Inch Version) TITANIUM

The miniature angle-beam is a calibration block that was designed for the US Air Force for use in the field for instrument calibration. The block is much smaller and lighter than the IIW block but performs many of the same functions. The miniature angle-beam block can be used to check the beam angle and exit point of the transducer. The block can also be used to make metal-distance and sensitivity calibrations for both angle and normal-beam inspection setups.

0.5" thick small calibration block for on-site checking of miniature shear wave probe index, time base, beam angle and gain. Includes a 1" and 2" radius, 0.05"mm hole, engraved reference mark scales from 35° to 75° degrees. In accordance with British Standard BS 2704 block A4, Fig. 4, and AS 2083. 

Dimensions: 3" (L) x 1.7" (W) x 0.5" (T)

Material: TITANIUM.


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