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Ketos Ring

Ketos Ring

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Ketos Ring

Ketos Ring the Ketos Ring is used to check overall performance of the magnetic particle examination system. Prior to the inspection, a system performance verifier is often used to ensure that the system is delivering the proper amount of current as called for during the inspection. Within the NDE industry there is a number of different standard process control specimens used to aid in verifying the performance of the electromagnetic system. The Ketos ring is a ring that is made up of a series of pre-drilled holes at increasing depths below the surface used to simulate sub-surface defects. The distance of the holes to the surface increases as you move to holes of increasing number. Its original purpose was to demonstrate the ability to use MPI to find sub-surface flaws, but it has long since been used to perform regular performance evaluation of MPI bench systems. The intensity of the indication depends on the depth of the flaw and the amount of current passed through a central bar conductor. Ketos ring indications when the magnetic particle fluid is applied; it contacts the surface with enough fluid flow to wash away any indications being formed by the magnetic leakage fields caused by the drilled holes. For this reason, the indications are developed by a final magnetizing shot or shots, which are triggered immediately after the direct fluid flow is diverted. Orientation of the ring with respect to the fluid flow can have a significant impact on which lines develop indications with lines near the area where the fluid is applied often proving more difficult for indications to develop. 

The Ketos Ring Dimension - Ø5" (127mm) X 0.875" (22.2mm) thick, with a Ø1¼" (31.75mm) diameter center hole. 

The block includes (12) thru-holes at .070" (1.8mm) diameter 

Distances of Holes - 0.070” (1.8mm), .140” (3.56mm), .210” (5.3mm), .280” (7.1mm), .350” (8.9mm), .420” (10.67mm), .490” (12.45mm), .560” (14.2mm), .630” (16mm), .700” (17.78mm), .770” (19.56mm), and .840" (21.34mm) from the OD surface.


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