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A5 Calibration Block (Inch Version) TITANIUM

A5 Calibration Block (Inch Version) TITANIUM

Part Number : NDE FLAW TECH-A5 BLOCK-1434


A5 Calibration Block (Inch Version) TITANIUM 

Used for beam profile measurement of angle beam transducers and measurement of transducer angles. Block A5 used for calibrates resolution check for angle beam transducer, also used for angle beam plotting, to plot beam divergence for shear wave transducer. Analysis of amplitude with respect to exit point is carried out for each angle using data points from depths corresponding to side drilled holes in an IOW block (British Standards A5). Graphed and tabulated results are analyzed for trends. This modeling analysis is then compared to actual lab results for refracted angle determination.

Geometry: Contains nine 0.06" diameter x 0.86" deep side drilled holes. 

Dimensions: 12"(L) x 3"(H)  x 2"(W)

Material: TITANIUM.


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