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Magnetic Particle Testing - Equipment, Yoke and Accessories

MPI Equipments

MPI Equipments Available in 2000, 4000, 6000 & 10,000 Amps. rating Models, Thyristorised current controls. Infinitely Variable, AC & FWDC for surface and sub-surface indications. AC & Multidirectional Magnetization facility. Auto Bath facility. Standard 5 Turn Coins available in 10”,12”,16”, 18” & 20” dia. Available in 1000, 1500 & 2000 Amps. Rating Models. AC and HWDC current outputs. Heavy duty cycle :2 min .ON & 2 stepless solid-state control. Equipment is designed for continuous operation. Auto AC Decay Demagnetisation facility. Input Voltage 230V 415V. Available in 4000, 6000 & 10000 Amps, rating models. infinity Variable,thyristorised current controls. Mounted on heavy-duty casters for easy movement at job site. Push button for Auto-demagnetization. Wireless remote control operation. Digital Ammeters / Analogue Ammeters.

MPI Yoke

MPI Yoke No Mains supply required . In put 12 V DC through rechargeable battery. 3 hours operation on single battery. Magnetizing Indication . Effectively useful in remote Areas &in yards . Lifting capacity 25kgs Delivers AC for surface and HWDC for sub-surface flaw detection. Strong and rugged construction for continuous operation . Handy & Light Weight ,safe for operator.Articulating and double jointed legs to adjust any shape to assure good contact . Lifting capacity 27 kgs in DC, 5kgs in AC mode. Permanent Fixed handled Magnetic Yokes Rope Type Magnetic Yokes Yoke Dead Weight Yoke Test Bar

MPI Accessories

MPI Accessories Castrol Strips Centrifuge tube with stand Copper Braided Contact Pads Digital Gauss Meter Double Prod Gauss meter / Residual field indicator Ketos Test Ring Mag coil MPI Test block MTU Ring Pie Guage / Field indicator Prod set Prods( Single & dula Adjustable) Puffer Bulb

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