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ASTM E317 Test Block Figure 6 (Metric Version) INCONEL 625

ASTM E317 Test Block Figure 6 (Metric Version) INCONEL 625

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ASTM E317 Test Block Figure 6 (Metric Version) INCONEL 625

ASTM E317 resolution block, Figure 6 is used for evaluating the resolution characteristics of ultrasonic pulse-echo systems. ASTM E317 Figure 6. Using this block, adjust the instrument controls to set the system sensitivity to the specified level without excessive loss of resolution. To obtain optimum sensitivity/resolution performance, adjustment of pulse length as well as one or more gain controls will frequently be necessary. If an immersion test, make certain that the search unit is positioned laterally for maximum hole-signal amplitude and aligned for interface perpendicularity. Except for interface peaking, no lower gain may be used thereafter, although higher may be required as described. Resolution, either entry or far surface, is determined as follows. Using the established sensitivity, reposition the search unit over each specified hole in turn to optimize the indication, again making certain that the interface signal is maximized by alignment of the search unit

Geometry: Six 1mm diameter flat-bottom holes. 

Dimensions: 50mm (W) x 25/80mm (T) x 200mm (L)

Material: INCONEL 625.


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